Become a Mentee

Mentees are provided with a Black male role model to help guide them through life and their path to liberation.

Who qualifies?

M.U.S.T. serves Black males who are the most underserved in our community. To find these youth, we aim for Rising 9th grade Black male enrolled in Seattle public schools who are the most underserved (academically, mentally, physically, emotionally, socially, etc.)

While we prioritize freshmen students, we accept all grades as Mentees.

What would a M.U.S.T. Mentor do for me?

Having someone who is fully invested in your success

Guide you through mistakes before you make them.

Guide you on how to handle and learn from your mistakes after you make them.

Making new friends and forming a brotherhood.

Encouragement in finding your interests and unlocking your potential.

Seeing and doing new experiences.

Are your mentors safe?

Our mentors are highly-screened during the selection process, undergo annual background checks, and have to take random drug tests each year.  They also have to take child protection training to make them more aware of child predators.  M.U.S.T. desires to create a safe environment for the youth we serve and take every measure necessary to ensure our mentors are safe.

Benefits of Having a Mentor

Have hope that the future is worth fighting for

Having a Mentor to encourage and support after high school

Having a Mentor to listen and support consistently through high school

Getting new friends/brothers and being plugged into a community

Having support while growing into a man

Youth & Parent/Guardian Application