Become a Mentee

Youth (our mentees) get a positive male role model who grew up in a similar environment to themselves.

Who qualifies?

M.U.S.T. serves Black males who are the most underserved in our community. To find these youth, we aim for Rising 9th grade Black male enrolled in Seattle public schools who are the most underserved (academically, mentally, physically, emotionally, socially, etc.)

Youth & Guardian Testimonies

"M.U.S.T. got me my first job which allowed me to get my first car which was something I had dreamed about since a child. It helped me become close to people I still talk to this day.

Helped my family when I needed it the most. Came to check on me and would keep checking even if I didn’t respond or seem like I didn’t want to be there. Understood that I was going through some things.

I also had something to look forward to every weekend with some of my best friends. MUST has helped me get a tutor with school and gave me more confidence."

- Shyheem

Former Mentee and High School Graduate

"My mentor has helped me in school by helping me with assignments and projects. He helps me in looking at other schools. We go in the morning to eat before school and talk about what we need to do. If I am going through a hard time I can talk to him when I need to without being judged. I would recommend it to other guys because it might help them also in the future. The program has taught me something called BELT. B is break the cycle. E is excellence. L is leave no man behind. T is toughness. BELT is helpful because I feel like to more something reminds me I do it."

- Che


"When his mother was having problems and had to move from one school district to the other and was unable to assist him due to not having transportation, M.U.S.T. was there to help him with his transition to his new school and had talked to his counselors and had his new schedule already prepared for him. Whenever the family had to move, M.U.S.T. was always there to support him and encourage him. M.U.S.T. has truly been my grandson’s 'CHAMPION.' They don’t judge him and has never given up on him and has always been there for him. They have exposed him to activities and places where he would have never experienced before. Every child deserves a 'M.U.S.T.'."

- Mary


Are your mentors safe?

Our mentors are highly-screened during the selection process, undergo annual background checks, and have to take random drug tests each year.  They also have to take child protection training to make them more aware of child predators.  M.U.S.T. desires to create a safe environment for the youth we serve and take every measure necessary to ensure our mentors are safe.

How does my child become a part of your program?

M.U.S.T. tries to identify the youth we serve in the late spring and summer. Qualifying teens need to be male, Black, currently be in the 8th grade, and slated to attend Garfield, Franklin, Cleveland, or Rainier Beach high schools in Seattle, Washington.

If you feel your child qualifies for the M.U.S.T. mentoring program, please fill out the application below.

Benefits of Having a Mentor

Have hope that the future is worth fighting for

Having a Mentor to encourage and support after high school

Having a Mentor to listen and support consistently through high school

Getting new friends/brothers and being plugged into a community

Having support while growing into a man

Youth & Parent/Guardian Application