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MUST finds and hires positive Black male role models who are in college to mentor Black male youth who are truly vulnerable to dropping out of high school.

Who qualifies?

MUST knows that for some it just takes a little while to realize that they should have gone to college or to figure life out. In light of this, MUST desires to help our Mentors finish college and reach their full potential. We hire a spectrum of Mentors. Some attend four-year colleges and others are at community colleges.

Each Mentor and Mentee represents a substantial financial investment for MUST, so we choose our Mentors very carefully.

Ideal qualifications for our Mentors:

  • In college or advanced degree
  • Early to mid-twenties in age
  • Faced many of the same hurdles that our Mentees face
  • Highly motivated to finish college
  • Realize they have a lot to learn in life and are willing to be mentored themselves
  • Must pass a drug test each year

Mentor Testimonies

"To begin with, MUST has provided me with life lessons through my mentoring experience. The program has given me a family that I can connect with and build a long lasting relationship with. The frequent outings make it fun to connect with the guys and catch up with them. Meetings with the Area Director also give me a support system that I can rely on at any point in time.

The mentoring program has taught me that being a man is all about being responsible. I have developed a better sense of accountability through this program. Working with other mentors has shaped my ability to work in a team with others towards the same goal. It has also provided me with an opportunity to be an advocate for my guys whenever needed."


- Felix


"MUST has done many things in helping me along the path to changing the world. One of which is MUST helped connect me to a math tutor that was instrumental in me advancing into the math needed for my computer science major. I have also been fortunate enough to have been connected to a person that helps me pay for unforeseen school expenses which gives me the ability to focus on classes. Most importantly they provided me with a job that allows me to give back to the community, while supporting me through college with a car and the mentality that school is a top priority and most jobs don’t have this level of support.

I would like to say that MUST pairing with a coach that works in my planned field of study that looks like me gives me so much hope in terms of my future in the tech industry. I know that when I graduate and move forward in life that I will also get to be the motivation for the community."

- Marvin


"A few specific things that MUST has done for me is to be around a group of brothers and feel connected. Another thing would be that though I mentor and guide the students into a different path and frame of mind, I just as equal learn from the students. They teach about life, about brotherhood, and how to be a better man in leadership.

This program has taught me about the impact of someone coming along side of an individual and being a positive role model for them. The program has shown me that I want to someday own a company and make an impact in my community back at home like MUST does in Seattle. MUST is changing the students lives but also the city of Seattle."

- DJ


Benefits of Mentoring

Giving back to the community

Having a Coach to encourage and support through college, mentoring, and life

Having a good job to help support college

Getting new friends/brothers and being plugged into a community

Getting to be a part of someone growing into a man

How do I become a Mentor?

MUST chooses its Mentors in the Fall. If you feel that you qualify for being a mentor, please fill out the application below.

Mentor Application

To our potential mentors...

To Our Potential Mentors: Thank you for taking the time to fill out this questionnaire. The questionnaire is vital to help with your possible placement within the mentor program. All information is kept confidential.
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