Melissa McGilliard


A Seattle area native, Melissa lives in downtown Seattle with her husband and 3 young sons. In October 2020, she began volunteering with M.U.S.T. as the Social Media Coordinator and officially joined on staff as the Communications Manager in November 2021.

Melissa grew up in Redmond, WA, when it was still a small suburb in the 80’s and 90’s. Growing up during a time when she was told to just assimilate, Melissa started her journey of understanding who she truly was in high school, when her youth group leader became a mentor and a friend, someone she could open up to. College was a huge shift for her, going from an admittedly sheltered life to the University of Washington, where she graduated with a degree in Business Administration with an HR focus. During college, she also became a high school youth group volunteer, after being so impacted by the mentorship she received during her teen years. Not far removed from high school, she learned as much as she gave, forming real bonds and respect with those she “led.”

After meeting her husband after college, while working for Amazon — where her husband still works — she left the corporate world to be a stay-at-home-mom when her first son was born in October 2012. After her second son was born, their family became a Foster family and advocate. Her family has been navigating the complications of the foster system since her third son joined their home a few years ago. Being a part of a multiracial family in Seattle — raising 2 biracial Asian/White sons and 1 Black son — in today’s world is not easy. When her 2 oldest sons were born, she quickly realized her heart was in her own liberation as an Asian American female, along with advocating for and lifting up voices of the next generation, especially working to change the narrative of the majority status quo. She refuses to let her children grow up in a world where they are told to assimilate and not be who they truly want to be. When her youngest son joined their family via Foster Care in September 2019, the realization of raising a Black child only made their resolve stronger.

When she is not being a wife, raising her 3 sons, or working on a post for M.U.S.T., you’ll find her releasing stress on a long run, on her yoga mat or strength training, at a live show (concerts are her favorite date night outing with her husband), or spending quality time with friends.