Family is a M.U.S.T. – The Love of a Mother


Our program could not be successful without the support and love of the Mentee’s families, especially the mothers and mother figures as we celebrate Mother’s Day in May! So this month, we are highlighting Ms. Emijah Smith, a mother of both an 11th grader and a 9th grader who are a part of the M.U.S.T. program.

A little about Ms. Smith, in her own words:

She finds her liberation in 3 parts:

1. Joy — It’s a lot to juggle [being a mom]. We feel the pressure, and often we don’t take the time to rest and heal. You have to center your joy, you have to look at all the things you’re doing in a joyful way — practicing joy, being present in it, feeling it.

2. Learning and Knowing the history of who I am and where I come from — Knowing that the first humans/people on earth came from Africa and then traveled across the world creating nations. This fact alone keeps my back straight and my head high.

3. Taking the joys and part of the healing to invest in our future, in our young people.


Advice for the next generation on finding their own liberation:

As descendants of stolen people, you need to practice rest, practice joy. Practice having grace for each other and for ourselves, Model now for the next generation how to work collectively and in solidarity with each other.


From a 2019 interview, she did with South Seattle Emerald:

I want all children to know and experience joy. Knowing that joy exists and trying to find ways to experience joy throughout the challenges of life. I believe it’s what we as adults look back on as a reason to keep faith and have hope.

• • •

To learn more about her impact on the community, check out her inspiring South Seattle Emerald interview:

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