Dom Hebert

Dom headshot

Dominique Hebert(ay-bear), was born in Seattle and partially raised in Houston, Texas. Through seeing and involving himself in gang violence as well as different lifestyles of the two states he chose to take a different route. Realizing it is all the same. He has a background in playing collegiate basketball, coaching high school basketball and mentoring youth and teens. Growing up he had some impactful men that taught things of common knowledge and also things that forced stigmas of being black. Unfortunately, in 2015 he lost his stepdad who is a large influence to the change that he chose as a teenager. With having to face that reality he grew a passion to inspire kids to be their complete versions of themselves. He encourages youth to change the perspective of which they know themselves and bring attention to what being liberated means through methods that he labels “tender tools”. Dominique has a AA in general studies, enjoys making poetry, music, playing basketball, the outdoors, and most of all God.