Become a Coach

MUST provides a Coach for the Mentors to help them navigate life, college and being a Mentor.

Coach Expectations

C.A.R.E Acronym

Coaches are a vital part of MUST's mentoring. Coaches are there for the Mentors they are mentoring and they support the mentored youth after high school. Coaches show the Mentors and youth that success is possible and that what choices they make matter.

Support, guide, and be a model for their Mentor as they develop and achieve college or vocational training in pursuit of their career.

Employ active, empathetic listening as Mentor navigates life’s challenges

Be open to share your story and learn from Mentor on this journey together

Empower Mentor through optimism, inspiration, passion, and knowledge

Instill confidence and persistence as Mentor works to attain their aspirations


Guidelines for M.U.S.T. Coaches:

C - Be attentive to your career
A - Be available to the Mentor
R - It is very important you are reliable
E - Show empathy toward your Mentor who you are mentoring; put yourself in their shoes

Community Testimonies

"So often with court-involved youth, prosecutors like me are looking for options. How can we avoid simply locking up another youth? Is there a better way to respond, a more constructive way? Increasingly, we are realizing the importance of partnering with community groups to develop a continuum of care for disadvantaged youth.

For so many court-involved youth, especially, mentorship is critical. Jobs and training programs are critical. And opportunities to boost empathy for others are critical. MUST accomplishes all three of these functions. That is what is great about it. It provides mentorship to youth, provides job opportunities for young adults, and along the way boosts empathy. It is the kind of option that those of us in the criminal justice system need to embrace if we are serious about reform."

- Ben

Deputy Prosecuting Attorney
King County Prosecutor’s Office

"We share some of the same students. The work that MUST does with the students and the work that Garfield is doing with the students; we were able to come together with plans on how we could continue to support these particular students and what would benefit each individual student.

MUST attending parent and staff meeting in regards to a student to figure out what would be the best option for this student moving forward. MUST helping to transfer a student to Interagency due to Garfield not being the appropriate fit for this student. MUST checking in with Garfield Staff on Students' progress."

- Porcia Beard

Intervention Specialist
Garfield High School

"MUST provided mentorship to a client. Keeping the youth out of illegal activities, involving the youth in pro-social activities every week.

MUST also worked at getting my client into school. This client told me that they appreciated the commitment MUST put in toward him. There were many times that even his family members would not support my client and the client told me the MUST Mentor has always been there for him and has never been judgmental.

I had a 17-year-old client who was a pretty good athlete in football. He had a full-ride scholarship to one of the private Catholic high schools in Seattle. Due to situations with the parents, the family started to move around quite a bit and ended up homeless for a short time. My client lost his scholarship and started to get into trouble with the law. The MUST program stepped in a few years ago and started to work with my client to try and get him back on the right track. My client would have bumps in the road but the MUST mentor Rick Newell was always there. My client told me that he even tried to stop being involved with MUST but he figured out that the MUST mentor was always there to help out. No matter if my client was in trouble or not- (his own family members would pass judgment). MUST showed commitment by coming to court every time, providing a pro-social activity each week, and getting my client back into a school program.

I would submit another referral for the MUST program for a future client with no hesitation."


- Karla

Lead Juvenile Probation Counselor
King County Juvenile Court

Benefits of Coaching

Giving back to Seattle

Gain a new community and extend your network

Being a part of a community committed to supporting Black males

Support the development of the next generation of Black male professionals

Coach Application