Mentoring is a MUST

Growing Black men from the hardest soil

Our mission is to find African-American near-peer men to help spring African-American boys free from the hardest generational cycles of poverty through long-term paid mentoring.

Our Mentoring Model

MUST hires positive Black male college students as mentors for vulnerable Black male high school students.

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Get Involved

MUST provides a Coach for college students to help them navigate life, college, and being a mentor. The college students then mentor the youth all four years of high school. Mentors get the help they need to finish their higher education and youth get a positive male role model who grew up in a similar environment to themselves.

Youth begin to think… “He comes from the same place I do. If he can do it… so can I!”

The Results

After serving the most vulnerable Black male youth in Seattle since 2012, MUST has produced outstanding results.

The estimated Social Return on Investment (ROI) is 7.71.


College Attendance


Estimated Net Lifetime Value


Black HS Graduation Rate (5yrs) MUST (Seattle 73%)

How the community describes MUST...

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Our response to COVID-19

Safe service is our top priority. As some states begin to ease restrictions on the closure of local businesses, we are going to take additional time to review our operations and ensure we have necessary precautions in place to protect all of our stakeholders during this pandemic.